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Whiskey Sour



Tom Collins, Pina Colada and Daquiri not available



America's # 1 Dry Cocktail Mix

True fruit flavors skillfully blended with carefully selected ingredients to create the most delicious and luxurious cocktails ever made...



Why choose Bar-Tender's over other dry mixes?

** Bar-Tenders is America's First dry cocktail mix.
** Bar-Tenders is America's #1 Selling dry cocktail mix.
** Bar-Tenders has a Large selection of the most popular cocktail mixes.
** Bar-Tendersis made with True Fruit Flavors.
** Bar-Tenders costs less than all other dry cocktail mixes.



Why choose Bar-Tender's over liquid mixes?

** No messy opened bottles to clutter the refrigerator.
** Make one drink at a time, or many.
** Shelf life far exceeds that of liquid mixes.
** Larger flavor selection than liquids.
** Bar-Tender's costs less than most liquids.



Consumer Sales
Price per case on all flavors is  $39.50 including FedEx Ground shipping.

12 boxes per case, 8 packets per box
(Pina Colada and Collins NO LONGER AVAILABLE)
(Must ship to a street address, NO P.O. boxes)
Payment by check or money order only!

Orders cannot be placed by e-mail.
Charles Foster
11430 Cliffgate Dr.
Houston, TX   77072
(281) 610-0040




Try this version of the Bar-Tenders Margarita, or make up your own!

"Chucks Famous Margarita"




1) Pour 4 packets of Bartender's Margarita Mix into a shaker.
2) Add 4 parts water to 5 parts white tequila.
3) Add lots of ice to chill well.
4) Shake vigorously until you can't shake anymore!
5) Pour into a shallow glass rimmed with just enough lime juice to make the salt stick then squeeze the rest of the lime slice into the glass...
(my favorites are Key Limes)

Voila' !!!!  "Chuck's Famous Margarita"



I liked the product so well that I became a distributor.
I couldn't afford to buy the company like the electric razor guy!
         Thanks for stopping by.

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